4 Time-Tested Benefits of Blogging for Business

by Sneha. October 6, 2020.

benefits of blogging for small business

“Doing well with blogging is not about writing one key post, it is about performing day after day and helping a few people at a time.”

– Aaron Wall

This statement effectively sums up the aim of blogging – to help people through consistent content creation and simplify their lives. These people i.e. your readers are your existing and potential customers.

Needless to say, the better you understand your audience, the more efficiently you are able to address their concerns through your content. This is an ongoing process. As a business, you have to be in tune with your target audiences’ needs, wants, desires, problems which evolve with time. Same applies to blogging for business.

You will naturally experience these benefits of blogging for business if you view blogging as an extension of your business and remain consistent with producing quality content.

Even as a small business, if you find yourself asking ‘how to grow my business through website’? Blogging on your website is a sure-shot way to organically grow your business, no matter what size.

There are multiple benefits of blogging for business. But all of them cannot be quantified directly. Through consistent quality blogging, you can gain authority in your domain; as you add more value through your content, the engagement on your website will grow, this will bring in more inbound leads through organic search and blog promotions through social media. So it’s like a ripple effect with the source being your business blog.

Benefits of Blogging for Business

Gain Authority

Knowledge is power. Content is the way to share knowledge on the internet. Even in 2020, blogs are a powerful medium for content creation and will continue to be so. As you publish more posts that aim to educate and inform your audience, you gain their trust and gradually build an authority in your niche.

Becoming an authority in your niche can have far-reaching positive effects on your brand image and business revenues. When your target audience trusts the information you provide and engages with you, doing business with them becomes an easier and more rewarding experience for both parties. Your brand awareness will grow as a direct result of becoming a domain authority.

When you look at benefits of blogging for small business, the approach is same. Becoming a dominant voice in their niche has tremendous benefits for small businesses too. Say you are into jewelry designing, if you blog about fashion, styling and how to accessorize, your readers would want to connect with you to know more about the products you sell.

blogging for business

It is important to remember that the purpose of blogging is not to sell, it is to add value through information and generate awareness among your readers. Utilize your blog as a channel to express your ideas, views, and opinions that matter to your audience. Consistency is the key to win with blogging.

Increase in Web Traffic

Any authoritative voice on the internet will vouch for the fact that a sure-shot way to increase website traffic organically is through blogging. And who doesn’t want to see their website traffic grow?

When you apply the right content strategy for your business and remain consistent with blogging, you will see a rise in your website traffic, driven through search engines. Just like humans love to consume fresh content, when you actively blog, the search engines will love your website and will reward you with more visitors.

The best part is there is no cost involved. Blogging is absolutely free. In fact, for people to keep coming back to your website, you have to blog. Blogging is the only way to add value to your website which will lead to an increase in the average number of visitors per month over a period of time.

Generate Leads

Blogs are the best place to generate leads. Even when you are considering paid ads on social media or search engines, your target audience will land on your website. When they discover your blog, there is a higher possibility of converting them into a lead.  This is directly related to the quality of content on your blog.

Lead generation through blogging also helps your readers remember you for a longer time. This is because they associate with your brand through the knowledge you share on your blog. So you are setting yourself up for successful lead generation through high-quality blogging.

How to generate leads from blogs?

By placing relevant call-to-actions around your blog posts, you can create channels for generating new leads. If a product or service is related to a blog post, you can add links to it on your post. But every post doesn’t have to be a sales pitch.

You can use lead magnets like free e-books, newsletter subscriptions, etc. if they fit your content strategy. Any kind of lead magnet is more valuable when you share it through your blog.

One of the biggest advantages of blogging for business is that it gives you scope to consistently generate high quality leads.

The domain authority and increased website traffic will help you to generate more high-quality leads. Thus, the blog plays a very important role in converting your audience into business leads.

Are you looking for ideas to create engaging posts for your blog? This article on blog post ideas for small businesses can help you out with some interesting suggestions to keep your readers hooked to your blog.

Growth in Business Opportunities

One of the major benefits of blogging for marketing is growing your possibilities of interacting with other businesses and collaborating to create more value for your customers. Just like your audience, your competitors evaluate you on the basis of the quality of your content, the engagement it drives etc. A positive brand image can help you collaborate with successful businesses and grow your opportunities for growth.

These are some of the evergreen benefits of blogging for business that can help any business establish an authority in the market and grow as a brand.

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