10 Amazing Blog Ideas for Small Business

by Sneha. September 27, 2020.

blog ideas for small business

Are you a solo-entrepreneur, a partnership, or a small business owner? Do you own a blog or plan to start one to grow your business and connect with your audience better?

Then you are at the right place. Generating new content frequently for your blog can be a daunting task. Moreover, you must plan your content topics and ideas well in advance so you can keep your blog updated with fresh content regularly.

As a small business, you need to utilize your resources, including your time, most efficiently. These quick and easy blog ideas for small business will help you come up with interesting content that keeps your readers coming back for more.

Benefits of blogging for Small Business

There are plenty of benefits of blogging for small businesses. The most obvious one being, establishing authority in your domain by sharing knowledge and information that your readers can benefit from. It is the most effective way to develop trust and credibility.

No matter how small your business may be, blogging is a must. Another big benefit of blogging for small business is a high brand recall value. When your potential customers discover you online, they judge you as a brand on the basis of how useful your content is for their problems, needs or concerns. Taking the time to research and tackle the questions your customers are actually asking, will make all the difference when it comes to having an edge over your competitors.

Here are some simple to implement blogging tips for small business to help you come up with interesting posts consistently.

Blog Ideas for Small Business

1. FAQ Post

blogging ideas for small business

This is an informational post. Pick one or two questions that your customers ask you about your business most frequently. Elaborate on the various possibilities within the same query and present them with solutions. In the future, when someone asks you the same question, you can direct them to your blog post for a detailed answer. This will make things easier for you and your customers.

2. Book Recommendation

small business blogging ideas

Discuss a book from which your customers can gain knowledge about something they are looking out for. Write a review of the book if you have read it. This way your customers will become aware of other resources to look for solutions and also rely on you in the future for suggestions.

3. More About You

A good thing is that blogging for small business doesn’t have to be only informational and boring. You have the liberty to make things interesting for your readers.

As your customers interact directly with you, it is a good idea to share your personal journey with them, how the idea for the business came up, what were the roadblocks you faced in the process, what are your other interests and pursuits in life, etc. This will definitely make your audience connect and relate to you better. After all, your brand is a reflection of your journey, ideologies, and even your personality to a large extent. A major importance of blogging for small businesses is that you have the scope and access to connect with your readers on a personal level.

4. DIY Post

importance of blogging for small business

If it applies to your business, create a video on a DIY that will be helpful for your customers. Mention the purpose of creating the video in a blog post and also tell your customers how they can benefit the most from it. Make sure to link the video in the post. It could be a very basic thing, but it shows you care for your customers’ problems.

5. Customer Stories

Share the experiences and detailed review of a customer about your business. It is common to post short testimonials on a business website. Take this one step further by elaborating the experience of a single customer in a blog post, ideally in the form of a story. This will highlight the process of doing business with you from a customer’s viewpoint. It will also make you come across as a customer-centric brand.

6. Behind The Scene Story

If you are a home-based baker, you can write about the step-by-step process of baking a cake for a customer with candid pictures that capture the interest of your audience. It could also be about how you designed and decorated your workspace, where you took your inspiration from etc. Likewise, you can do this for any product or service by weaving a story around the process of getting things done. Behind the scenes stories are always intriguing to customers as it makes them feel more involved in the process of doing business.

7. Current Trends

Discuss the latest trends in your industry. Keep your customers posted on how these trends can impact them. Share your viewpoints on the pros and cons of current happenings. Make sense of the information that might be difficult for your readers to understand. This way you will gain their trust and will be seen as more aware and informed.

8. Your Role Models

Another way to make small business blogging interesting is to go offbeat once in a while and share inspiring information from your own life. Write about your role models, what qualities you admire about them, how you try to adopt those qualities in your life, and so on. You can throw in mentions of your brand to give your readers a context to the topic.

9. Guest Post

small business blogging

Invite an experienced person from your industry to write for your blog. This way your audience will get exposure to more experts and their knowledge will grow. One of the major factors contributing to the importance of blogging for business is that it gives you a lot of scope to share knowledge and ideas from different sources. You can bring in a fresh perspective and new insights by publishing a guest post on your blog.

10. Survey Post

Post a survey on your website, social media, and other places to collect information and viewpoints of your readers. Share the results of the survey through a blog post. Share your thoughts and views about their opinions. A survey is a good way to involve your readers and make them an active part of your brand conversation.

These blog tips are also useful for content marketing. This article explains content marketing and its benefits for your business in detail.

There are many ways to share information with your customers and keep them updated about the things that matter to them. These blog ideas for small businesses will keep you sorted with respect to content ideas to keep your readers engaged and informed on a regular basis.

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